Amžiaus grupės

Suaugusieji nuo 20
Jaunimas A 17 – 19
Jaunimas B 15 – 16
Jaunimas C 13 – 14
Jaunimas D 12 – 11
Jaunimas E 10 – 9
Jaunimas F 8 – 7


Rule 108

Age limits for Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating
a) For ISU Senior Championships, Olympic Winter Games and International Senior Competitions only Skaters may compete who have reached at least the age of 15 before July 1st preceding these Events.
b) A Junior is a Skater who has not reached the age of 19 before July 1st preceding the competition.
c) In International Competitions the following age classifications shall apply for the Junior age category: Classification Age before July the 1st preceding the Competition:
A 17 through 19
B 15 and 16
C 13 and 14
D 12 and under.
d) For World Junior Championships, only Junior Skaters may compete who have reached the age of 14 before July 1st preceding the Championships.